The Pitch & Putt Sportswoman Award is presented in the spirit of all deceased members of the Pitch & Putt Golf Club. Their wisdom, patience, positive energy, and hearts of gold are testimony to their love of the club and the game of golf.

Each year, the club selects a member who epitomizes the spirit of the game and the ideals of "sportswomanship.” The Club President presents the award to the recipient at the closing luncheon.

2019 Pitch & Putt Sportswoman Award Recipient

Stephanie Williams

2019 Sportswoman award
Stephanie Williams

Past Pitch & Putt Sportswoman Award

2018—Audrey Brown
2017—Stephanie Williams
2016—Mattie F. Gaines

​2015—None due to revised criteria
2014—Helen Tennant
2013—Patricia Stokes

club champion award

2019 Club Champion Award Recipient

Lynn S. Brooks

Lynn S. Brooks

Past Club Champions

2018—Lynn Brooks
2017—Bonnie Logan
2016—Lynn Brooks
2015—Zebia Nelson

2014—Lynn Brooks
2013—Andrea “Angie” Morgan
2012—Bonnie Logan
2011—Andrea “Angie” Morgan

president's award

2019—Stephanie Williams
2018—Bert Palmer
2017—Teresita “Tracey” Biggs
2016—Stephanie Roland

2014—Lynn S. Brooks
2013—Mattie F. Gaines
2012—Iris T. Smith

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